Pachinko is a pinball-like casino game that is extremely popular in Japan and available in many Las Vegas casinos. You can also play Pachinko at a number of online casinos which offer variations of Pachinko for real money play.

Pachinko has similarities to a pinball machine, in which a number of balls are launched onto the playing surface where they bounce around through a series of pegs. The object of Pachinko is to have the balls directed into winning pockets for a bonus payout.

To begin Pachinko, you must first choose the number of balls to use and how much you will spend. The balls will then be dropped into a loading area. Some casino software will allow you to manually click and launch each ball individually, and some will use a virtual machine to continuously shoot balls into the playing area. In each case you have the ability to control the velocity of the launch of the balls.

Once the balls are launched they will bounce around on the playing surface, rebounding off of pegs and changing their direction towards the end. Once there, the balls may fall into several winning pockets, indicated by the text "Start". If a ball falls through to the bottom of the machine then you do not win anything. However if it falls into one of the pockets then you will win a bonus number of balls and may also receive a free bonus spin on a slot reel to potentially win a large number of Pachinko bonus balls.

Once you've had enough ball bouncing action, you can stop the play and cash out your remaining balls for their equivalent cash value at any time. At online casinos you can see information about your current play including the value of each ball, your balance, the number of bonus reel spins you have had and the number of balls you have won on bonus reel spins. You may also see your ball pool which will include the balls that you have won during the Pachinko play.

So if you want to re-live your days of playing on the old pinball machine and you're looking for a new online casino game to try, check out online Pachinko for some ball-bouncing excitement!